How SPX Drives Value

M&A Strategy

Every good merger or acquisition starts with a good strategy. Strategy dictates why a merger or acquisition is being executed and it outlines the synergies that are expected to come from the transaction. These estimated synergies should be measured against the actual synergies achieved during the entire merger or acquisition process.

Synergies drive each transaction’s value and overall Return on the Investment (ROI). To optimize the chance for a transaction’s success, how synergies are expected to be achieved needs to be understood and internally aligned on prior to executing a transaction. Otherwise, acquiring a company could destroy shareholder value instead of creating it.

SPX specializes in using proprietary frameworks to help enterprises develop and align on Merger and Acquisition strategies. During these engagements, we interview and collaborate with all of the potential transaction’s stakeholders to identify requirements for success and to understand the goals and the motivations associated with pursuing a merger or acquisition from their perspective. Based on these objectives, we look for suitable acquisition candidates, we engage them (with the approval of the client) to explore a possible merger or acquisition on our client’s behalf and we develop a preliminary valuation range for each one that we approach. From there, we collaborate with our clients to determine the level of interest of each potential target and we move forward accordingly.

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