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M&A Deal Execution

M&A Deal Execution is a two-part process that happens in parallel (instead of sequentially), usually over a 30 day period. The first part of M&A Deal Execution consists of the final negotiation of all necessary points to arrive at an equitable Definitive Agreement (DA). This agreement includes all of the acquisition terms, representations, warranties and conditions associated with the transaction. Final negotiations are based on the findings of the Due Diligence process.

During the second part of the Deal Execution process, planning is performed to ensure readiness on Day 1, when the transaction closes. This process ensures that confusion and chaos is minimized, which optimizes the productivity of the employees of the merged enterprise, starting on Day 1.

SPX drives the negotiation of M&A deals on behalf of clients at a fraction of the cost that an Investment Bank would typically charge. Moreover, unlike most Investment Banks, we also have the Operational expertise to ensure Day 1 readiness in a way that maximizes the productivity of employees of the combined entity. This process begins with the design of a “Day 1” organization, development of interim business processes and an effective change management plan for internal and external stakeholders.

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