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Divestiture Preparation

Divestiture preparation consists of identifying which products and employees will be divested from the parent entity. Identifying products is the easy part. Identifying and managing change with employees that are to be divested can be a challenge, mainly because in every company, certain roles need to be effectively played. Many individuals who are a part of a divestiture will have to play new or modified roles, which can cause angst. Moreover, the uncertainty and discontent caused by a divestiture can impact employee productivity and the ability to retain key employees in general.

SPX utilizes an incremental streamlined approach to prepare the divestiture candidate. We also rapidly create marketing materials and a management presentations so that we can position the divestiture candidate in front of buyers as soon as possible. These materials do not divulge proprietary information such as intellectual property related to products or client lists. But we do provide enough information to each potential buyer so that they can determine if they’d like to move forward or not.

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