Integration of SolarCity and Grohmann Automation

Tesla had just acquired SolarCity and Grohmann Automation.  The Finance operations of both companies needed to be integrated into Tesla.

The Situation

Tesla acquired two companies that had different Finance organizations and different ways of doing business.  Both acquired companies had their own Enterprise Resource Planning systems and unique processes that were designed to support their respective organizations.  Somehow, we needed to integrate the teams, rationalize processes and migrate data into Tesla’s environment in a way that minimized disruption.

Our Solution

We began by helping Tesla design and implement a combined Finance organization that included the respective organizations of both acquired companies, with a rationalized reporting structure.  This facilitated decision making and removed risks for employees.

Second, we evaluated the similarities and differences between Tesla’s IT environment and the environments of the acquired companies.  By understanding these differences, we were able to identify potential gaps and risks.  These gaps and risks turned into business requirements that we needed implement within Tesla’s environment as well as interfaces between environments to accommodate the operations of both acquisitions in the best way possible.

Third, we migrated the data from the environments of both acquired companies to Tesla’s environment wherever applicable and facilitated User Acceptance Testing and Training for the employees of both acquired companies in order to rapidly migrate processes and procedures.


  • Retained 100% of Critical employees during both integration efforts
  • Migrated Finance employees to Tesla’s environment within a 6 month period while still meeting Finance Service Level agreements that were in place
  • Finance Service Level agreements that were in place Developed an inventory of Operational Improvements that could be implemented to maximize the Finance organization’s efficiency and effectiveness