Divestiture Services

Strategy and Planning

As your enterprise grows, it can be difficult to maintain efficient and effective operating practices.  Increased complexity, an increase in transaction volume and usage of systems with limited capabilities can all lead to stalled growth.  Moreover, operational weaknesses can cause frustration and can significantly hamper the ability to maintain governance standards and to manage the overall business.  SPX practitioners specialize in assessing, prioritizing and driving operational improvements within end to end business cycles.  We take a comprehensive approach to define the problem statement and to quantify and classify the impact of the issues that are being experienced.


Ideally, system and process design go hand in hand.  Optimal processes incorporate automation and flexible systems in order to maximize scalability, accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.  Although this vision is known by many enterprises, it is actually executed by few.  In order to achieve optimal results, SPX collaborates with clients to design and document end to end processes through the utilization of leading practices.  Moreover, SPX will drive the documentation of the business requirements related to the implementation of technology to support these processes.  These are the first steps to achieving Operational Excellence.