End to End Integration Planning and Execution

New Mountain Learning merged with Carnegie Learning to form a Math and World Languages print and digital educational publishing powerhouse.

The Situation

Carnegie Learning and New Mountain Learning had just announced that they had merged and needed to perform integration planning.  Although both companies competed in the educational space, they were vastly different in terms of products, strategies, customers, operations and Information Technology systems.  Every company function needed to be integrated in order to move the combined entity in one common direction.

Our Solution

First, we developed a multi-phased integration strategy that focused on stabilizing the enterprise and immediately recognizing synergies.  This included:

  • Designing and implementing a combined optimized organization
  • Determining how to perform critical processes and to provide the necessary reporting while still operating in two different system environments
  • Identifying immediate operational overlaps and opportunities for cost savings

Second, we focused on migrating the combined company to one Information Technology environment.  This extraordinary effort included:

  • Transitioning employees to one common Human Resources Information System
  • Migrating all sales operations to one instance of Salesforce.com so that all Lead to Quote processes for all products can be managed and reported on uniformly
  • Migrating all business processes to one Enterprise Resource Planning system


  • Retained and grew key customer accounts during the integration effort
  • Retained critical employees during the integration effort
  • Integrated two vastly different businesses into one common Information Technology environment
  • Positioned the company for increased organic growth
  • Identified a multitude of operational improvements that will lead to increased efficiencies and effectiveness once implemented