Acquisition Services

Strategy and Planning

Acquisition Services are geared towards clients that require Corporate Development and Acquisition Integration support.  We are capable of managing any aspect of any acquisition from start to finish.  Our Acquisition Methodology is based on leading practices and lessons learned that span multiple deals.  Moreover, our expertise has been proven to minimize disruption for the customers and employees of our clients during the delicate integration process.  Regardless of the role that you need us to play, we can plug ourselves into any acquisition and immediately drive value.


Clients that require Integration Services have already found a company that they wish to acquire and have come to terms on the price and the timing of the transaction.  However, even though one company has acquired another, they both still operate independently.  These companies have separate or redundant organizations, different business processes and remain on different systems.  It can be difficult to recognize synergies when such a situation exists.  Integration is the process of migrating the acquired company’s people, policies, processes and systems to those of the parent with the intention to optimize synergies.